Friday, 15 July 2016

How True? Woman Caught Selling Human Meat

A woman in her forties was allegedly caught red-handed selling suspected human meat to unsuspecting persons at the Adabraka Market in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday.

Reports said she was dragged to the Adabraka Police Station by an angry mob who nearly lynched her. The woman, according to the market women, was carrying a tray with some pieces of meat, and was moving strangely at the market.

Attempts to get her to disclose the source and type of meat she was carrying proved futile.

One of the market women said that the lady “was selling the meat,” and when “we queried her to find out what she was selling she refused to talk. She was moving about with the meat in a broken tray.”

The market woman continued, “We asked her the cost of the meat but she refused to answer, so what else can we think of? That is why we marched her to the Police station. The meat looked like beef.”

Another market woman said, they were told that the strange meat, was meant “for ritual and was given to her by her [herbalist]. If it’s for rituals, she should be sent to the person who gave her this weird meat. She refused to answer and she was behaving strangely, we realized its human meat.”

“According to some of my colleagues, she confessed that it is human meat and that her herbalist gave it to her to perform some rituals. The women think she cannot perform such ritual at the market so they dragged her to the Police station,” another market woman added.

There is no official confirmation concerning the source of the said controversial meat.

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