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I Don’t Want To Have A Babymama – Rapper D-Truce

Singer D-Truce dishes on his career and persons issues in this interesting chat with Punch. Enjoy…

Are you in a relationship?
I had more time for women when I didn’t have much on my plate. I do not want to be embroiled in any baby mama scandal. Technically speaking, I am not actively dating. However, I have a special lady I am wooing.

How did you get signed on with X3M Music?
The founder of the record company, Steve Babaeko, watched me perform at One Mic, a music talent-hunt and he was impressed. After a few meetings, he signed me on with X3M music. I am also a copywriter and an actor on the TV drama series, Tinsel.

How do you juggle all these roles?
I am lucky because the company I work with during the day also owns the record label, so they try to make it as flexible as possible for me. It’s quite stressful but I have been able to balance all. I am at the office during the day and when I have to go into the studio to record, I do so. I ensure that none of these roles suffer. With regards to my role on Tinsel, I clinched the role two years after I auditioned for it. However, music is most dear to me because my music talent got me a recording contract at X3M Music.

Do you have an album in the works?
We just released a video for the song titled, Better Days. Praiz was featured in the song and I just dropped another single titled Live your Dreams with Simi. The latter is a free music for the Internet. I am also working on an album calledEden, which we hope to release before the year runs out.

What kind of music do you do?
I am not a hard-core rapper because my style of music is an extension of myself. I love funky house sub-genre of music a lot-jazz and Afrobeat. I try to create a fusion of all these sounds and genres in my music. I like to create what is called ‘feel good’ music and several artistes influence me. I particularly love M.I Abaga because of his Illegal Music mixtape and his infusion of different songs. Burna Boy broke the norm and changed the game by toning down the tempo. Now, everybody has been following suit for a while. I also love Mode 9.

Your genre has become commercially viable. Do you see yourself doing rap for a long time?
Nigerians have a mature taste in music. Aside from rap, any good music is certain to sell and become a hit in Nigeria.

Do you think there is ample space for you in the Nigerian music industry to shine?
There is enough room for everyone to shine and that is why I don’t feel threatened by any other musician. I also do not see competition because the only competition I have is me. I want to remain the best in my craft. I am not working to outdo anyone because when you go into a profession with the intent to outshine your colleagues, you will fail. My lyrics are inspired by my experiences in life. I can never sing that I drive a Ferrari when in fact I don’t not own one. I sing honest music.

But it comes with your genre of music…
This notion boils down to the stereotype being held about rappers. Not all rappers sing about the flashy lifestyles, gold chains and women. The early songs of Drake or a JCole are perfect examples. However, the difference now is that these artistes sing about the luxuries of life because they have attained the superstar status and can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle. I plan to keep it that way for a long time to come. People can tell when you lie in your music. An artiste connects with more fans better when he or she remains plain and open in their music.

How do you love to dress?
I am not swayed by trends or brand names. I love to wear jeans, a T-shirt and a nice footwear.

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