Sunday, 17 July 2016

I Want 3 Rounds of S*x from My Husband – Lagos Housewife

Wahala dey o! A house wife named Afusat has cried out over her husband named Aminu Mohammed Simpa who has the dexterity of a capable man but is “not strong enough” to satisfy her in the bedroom.

His inability has affected the peace they once enjoyed in their house. The wife is very angry…
According to The Sun, for over 13 years, the 51-year-old indigene of Kogi State has not gone more than one round of s*x with his wife, Afusat, a constant cause of quarrel in the middle of the night.

S*x is now a luxury for them. Anytime they are going to have it, they have to plan it. The wife would have to inform the husband beforehand so that he would not stress himself during the day. At the end of all preparations, Simpa will still not go more than one round.

This has led to the serious wahala. Afusat, 44, complains of not getting satisfaction ev­ery time they make love. As a woman, she told The Sun, she expects at least three rounds of s*x from her husband.

“I expect my husband to be able to take me to orgasm whenever I wish to make love to him. But no, that is not the case; instead he would stop at one round breathing as if he just climbed a mountain. It is unac­ceptable. But I understand his predicament,” Afusat stated.

Trouble started for the father of four when he had accident while on duty at Glaxosmith­kline, Ilupeju Lagos. He was injured above his pelvis and was operated upon. The operation affected him as a man.

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